Narisqa, SH, MH, CLA obtained his Bachelor of Laws (SH) from the Brawijaya University in 2002, and later earned his Master of Laws (MH) with specialization in Business Law from the University of Indonesia in 2007. Narisqa also earned his Certified Legal Auditor (CLA) from National Board of Profession Certification (BNSP) incorporated with ASAHI (Indonesia legal auditor association) in 2017.

Narisqa has extensive experiences as a lawyer in Indonesia for over a decade in litigation cases. His working experience comprises of working as an associate lawyer at one of the biggest litigation firms in Indonesia, and later he established his own law firm in 2011. Due to his outstanding performance and diligence, Narisqa decided to expand his wings by joining Yang & Co for developing his own practices.

Narisqa is admitted to the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) and fully qualified to represent the client before the court in Indonesia. Narisqa is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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Practice Area

Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
Bankruptcy & Suspension of Debt Payment Obligation
Corporate, Commercial Law and Business Contracts
Civil and Family Law