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Ms. Marcia Wibisono had obtained her Bachelor of Laws (SH) from the University of Trisakti in 2001, and later earned her Master of Laws (MH) with specialization in Business Law from the University of Indonesia in 2003. Driven by her keen interest for academic advancement, Ms. Wibisono pursued her study in Master of Laws program at the University of Melbourne's Law School and earned the LL.M degree in 2006. Due to her outstanding academic performance, Ms Wibisono was appointed as Research Assistant of Professor Tim Lindsey at the Asian Law Centre, the University of Melbourne.

Ms. Wibisono has extensive experiences as a lawyer in Indonesia for over a decade, both in litigation and non-litigation cases. Her working experience comprises of working as an associate lawyer at one of the biggest litigation firms in Indonesia, and later as a Senior Associate at a prominent corporate law firm in Indonesia.

Enhanced by her vast experience and solid academic background, Ms Wibisono has advised mining companies, plantation companies, oil companies, insurance companies, banks, etc. During her long career, Ms. Wibisono has been involved in many legal works, including part of advocacy team for the former Governor of East Timor and prominent persons in some high profile cases, engaged in numerous acquisitions of companies, and sophisticated oil and gas transactions.

Ms. Wibisono is admitted to the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI) and fully-qualified to represent the client before the court with her Advocate License. She is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.


Banking and Finance

  • Advising PT. Bank Sinarmas, Tbk. related to general corporate legal matters.

  • Representing a Singaporean bank for exercising necessary action on the bank's capacity as the debtor.

  • Reviewing loan agreement and security agreement for credit obtained from foreign banks and foreign financial institutions.

  • Representing Indonesian clients for negotiation process with various local and foreign banks in relation to loan agreements.

Commercial Litigation and Bankruptcy

A member of an Advocacy Team for:-

  • Abilio Jose Osorio Soares (former President of East Timor) forHuman Rights violation criminal case.

  • A prominent Indonesian banker in a criminal case concerning the allegation of misappropriation of Liquidity Support provided by Bank Indonesia.

  • A prominent Indonesian businessmen against certain Indonesian press media company in the criminal case concerning defamation and press regulations.

  • Representing PT. Garuda Indonesia in a bankruptcy proceeding.

  • Representing a company owning a hotel in Bali in its bankruptcy proceeding.

  • Representing a foreign bank in its civil case in relation to the restructuring of non-performing loans.

  • Acted for a German company in opposing against the decision issued by the court without its actual appearance before the court (Verstek Decision)

Corporate, Commercial Law and Business Contracts

  • Acted for several prominent corporations with regard to general corporate legal matters.

  • Drafting lease agreements for office buildings.

  • Drafting lease agreements for malls.

  • Drafting agreements for resorts in Bali, including hotel management agreements, lease agreements and construction agreements.

Joint Ventures

  • Representing a company for negotiating its joint venture with another company for a construction of convention center.

  • Representing a company with a prominent hotelier company in relation to the plan to construct a five star hotel in Jakarta.


Representing a subsidiary of Malaysian conglomerate group in its liquidation proceeding.

Merger & Acquisition

  • Representing various clients in the acquisition process of plantation company, mining company, shipping company, packaging company, bank, etc.

  • Assisting in the merger of two companies for being the subsidiaries of a Singaporean company.

Mining, Oil and Gas

  • Advising PT. International Mineral Resources Asia Pacific concerning general corporate legal matters.

  • Drafting Joint Utilization of Land Agreement concerning the overlapping of coal concession and plantation.

  • Representing various clients in the assignment of participating interest and joint operation in oil drilling.

  • Advising the resolution concerning legal dispute between a company with its contractor in relation to the construction of gas pipe and its facilities.


  • Representing a group of companies for the acquisition process of two plantation companies.

  • Representing a plantation company against Regent of Belitung in an administrative case before the administrative court concerning overlapping with coal concession.

  • Drafting a construction contract for the construction of Palm Oil Factory (Turn Key Project).


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