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Yang & Co and Schnader. Formalize Representation Arrangement for Indonesia Related Legal Matters

JAKARTA and PHILADELPHIA -- Yang & Co and the United States-based law firm Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP are pleased to announce that they have formally established an association agreement to U.S. companies and individuals requiring legal counsel in Indonesia and to provide representation to Indonesian companies and individuals requiring legal counsel in the United States.

Lawyers from Schnader and Yang & Co have worked together closely for the past 10 years representing clients involved in significant and complex international transactions and litigation. The newly-established arrangement formalizes this long-standing relationship and allows the firms to continue to effectively and efficiently represent their clients.

The deep experience of Schnader and Yang & Co lawyers in successfully representing Indonesian and U.S. companies in high-stakes international transactions and litigation, combined with their association under this arrangement, uniquely position these firms to satisfy the legal needs of companies and individuals faced with difficult and significant legal issues.

"Indonesia is a dynamic, emerging market that has attracted significant foreign investment in recent years, which is expected to continue at an increased rate. With the potential for continued significant and rapid growth, we are very pleased to formalize our long-standing relationship with Yang & Co," said David Smith, chairman of Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis. "This association allows us to further serve both firms' clients there and in the U.S."

The impressive growth of the Indonesian economy and increasingly sophisticated and international character of the Indonesian business community have resulted in an increased demand for the services of lawyers capable of handling international transactions and litigation involving both Indonesian and U.S. companies and individuals.

"Schnader's depth and breadth of experience will be of great service to our clients doing business in both countries," said Yang & Co Managing Partner Marcia Wibisono. "For more than a decade, lawyers from our two firms have worked together and developed an impressive track record of client service. With this agreement, our clients now will have access to the impressive benefits that working with Schnader can provide."

Kenneth R. Puhala, a partner in Schnader's New York Office, is the firm's chief liaison with Yang & Co. Mr. Puhala has more than 10 years of experience representing and advising Indonesian companies and individuals involved in U.S. and international legal proceedings and transactions. Mr. Puhala also has been a guest lecturer at the University of Tarumanagara Law School in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under the firms' new arrangement, Mr. Puhala will spend a substantial amount of time in Jakarta working closely with Yang & Co's lawyers.

For more information regarding the firms' new arrangement, please click here.

About Schnader Harrison Segal and Lewis LLP
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP is a law firm of approximately 180 attorneys with offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, California, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Delaware and Indonesia. Schnader serves local, national and international clients ranging from large corporations to start-ups and entrepreneurs to individual clients in more than 40 areas of the law. In addition to the firm's traditional strengths in complex litigation, commercial transactions, and wealth management, the firm has significant experience and depth in international commerce, financial services, intellectual property, labor and employment laws, construction law, real estate development, corporate governance, appellate services, technology-based companies, media and communications, environmental, energy, higher education, nonprofit, government relations and regulatory affairs, aviation issues, business reorganization, and securities and shareholder litigation.

About Yang & Co
Prior to the formation of Yang & Co, Mr. Yang was the chief legal officer of a large international conglomerate and Ms. Marcia Wibisono practiced law both in private firms and as a member of the in-house staff at large international companies. Shortly after the firm's formation, Ms. Saniah Wu, a lawyer with significant experience representing Indonesian companies and individuals in complex transactions and litigation, joined Yang & Co as a partner. Since its formation, Yang & Co has grown to 10 lawyers. The firm's team of dedicated and dynamic lawyers seeks to produce high quality work of an international standing with multidisciplinary qualifications. Yang & Co lawyers are multilingual in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Hakka, Tiociu, Hokkian and English.

For more information visit www.yangandco.com or contact Marcia Wibisono, Managing Partner, at mwibisono@yangandco.com and visit www.schnader.com or contact Michael Walsh, Schnader's senior communications manager, at mwalsh@schnader.com .

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